SteamDot- Saphir Sumatra Organic

SteamDot is one of Alaska’s newest coffee roasters.  Walking into the shop, it’s bright and airy with the roasting area on full display behind a glass wall. They have treats and a nice full coffee menu. We all ordered coffee. I went for a glass of ice coffee, my daughter had an espresso shot with lots of crema and a cupcake, and my husband had a latte.  He and I shared a slice of banana bread. The coffee was served quickly and everyone was very friendly.

We grabbed two bags of coffee going out the door. All the coffee is neatly marked on the bottoms of the bags to let you know when it was roasted. I opened the Full City Roast Saphir Sumatra Organic first since it had the earlier date on it.

The Full City Roast is on the dark side of a medium roast. The flavor of this one is rich, very smooth and drinkable. Slightly syrupy, but in a way that doesn’t  leave a strong aftertaste. I do recommend using slightly less sugar than usual if you add a lot of sugar to a darker roast. This is well balanced and not at all bitter. It’s one of the better medium roasts I’ve had in a long time and it’s one that I’ll get again for the holidays. My family is split down the middle with people who prefer dark roasts and people who prefer medium roasts, this coffee is right down that line as well and I think everyone will like the flavor.

SteamDot’s website describes this roast as:

“Experience island exotics on our trek to Indonesia. A full city roast brings our herbal hints in this coffee’s rich flavor.Full bodied and syrupy smooth.”

Very recommended.

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