Tonia’s Biscotti

Biscotti, twice baked cookies. First baked as loaf, then sliced and the slice rebaked to make them crunchy. Yum! The perfect thing to dip in coffee.

If you go to places like that place with the green mermaid logo, they have hard pieces of chocolate dipped biscotti, mass produced, in jars that aren’t at all air tight.

We have an alternative here though. I know Kaladi Brothers carries it. So do several other local coffee shops. Tonia’s Biscotti. Tonia’s recipes make a much softer version of biscotti. They are crunchy without being hard. Made from wonderful ingredients and sold in 2 different sizes of bags and a lot of flavors. She doesn’t use any artificial ingredients and the cookies are baked with the help of her family.

She does all the major shows as well as having a booth at the Saturday market. There are always platters of samples laid out and she’ll smilingly invite you try them all. If you’re very lucky, she’ll pull samples from under the counter or table of other recipes she’s working on.

She has the traditional and expected flavors. Toast almond, almond dipped in chocolate and chocolate delight.

Her berry versions, cranberry and blueberry are wonderful with strong teas.

My daughter is wild for her chocolate biscotti.

My favorite of her regular flavors is the lemon dipped in white chocolate. A bright delicious lemon flavor that works in the morning with my first cup of coffee of the day.

Around holidays, I really recommend the Villa Nova Chocolate Spice as a great and classy alternative to gingerbread. They are so good with a spice bite.

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