Cafe Del Mundo- French Roast

Cafe Del Mundo is Anchorage’s first coffee roaster, having started in 1975. My first experience with fresh roasted coffee was from Cafe Del Mundo, my first mocha was made with Cafe Del Mundo coffee back in the mid-80s. It was before people knew all the language for all the different coffee drinks and a local shop made mochas with half and half, Ghirardelli chocolate¬†¬†and espresso brewed coffee. Heady stuff for a teenage girl who learned quickly that good chocolate mixed with good coffee was very nearly the perfect drink. So I’m a little biased about Cafe Del Mundo, a definite sentimental favorite.

Their French Roast is a little drier than I ordinarily like, but it doesn’t taste bitter. The roasting makes for a full flavor that has hints of toasted nuts in it. It’s has a syrupy mouth feel that makes it a very good dessert coffee to serve with cookies or chocolate. It’s also a good morning coffee.

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