Terra Bella

Terra Bella is easy to miss, and you really shouldn’t. It’s a tiny coffee shop tucked into the mini-mall ¬†across from the Dimond Center. It’s between the Men’s Wearhouse and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Ignore the chains on either side, and head into Terra Bella.

This is one of my daughter’s favorite coffee shops. She’s 15, and very environmentally conscious. Since Terra Bella, with it’s motto of Locally Owned, Alaska Roasted, Globally Conscious perfectly reflects her own sentiments on coffee, it makes sense she would love this shop.

It’s a place to bring your hippie mom or your hipster teen. ¬†There is a nook with comfy chairs and shelves with organic treats and loaves of bread for sale when you walk in. You hit the counter and see all the lovely fresh baked treats for sale, including gluten free options. They also make several kinds of sandwiches and other things for lunch and there are vegan options.

Order your food and coffee drink, and go around the corner to sit down. Enjoy the art and have a nice conversation.

The coffee is very good, roasted by K Bay Coffee here in Alaska, this a company that is globally conscious, environmentally aware and really takes it’s coffee seriously.

The baked goods are amazing. My husband and son love their savories, my daughter and I always wind up going for a sweet. This last time we had a chocolate strawberry cake that tasted just like a chocolate dipped strawberry. It was lovely.

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