Midnight Sun Brewing Company- Lemon Fizz

For the kids, and designated drivers, our local breweries have some wonderful root beers and cream sodas. Midnight Sun Brewing Company makes root beer and lemon fizz.

We picked up a growler of Lemon Fizz for my teens last time we went by there. I poured myself a small glass to taste it.

It’s one of the best sodas I’ve ever had. A strong lemon flavor and tartness, just enough sweet and it’s very fizzy and light. Michael thought it was great and would be wonderful mixed with beer so we plan to try that soon.

When our daughter tried a glass, she was very excited by the flavor. She came out and said “Have you TRIED this yet?” She generally prefers root beers, but this is her new favorite soda. She said anytime we go there, it’s what she wants from now on.

It’s great for summer parties, a wonderful alternative to the more classic fruit punches and lemonades.

I’m looking forward to cooking with this. I think it would be wonderful as a marinade for chicken.

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