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A little bit of an introduction, my name is Shala and it’s been said that I take coffee just a little seriously. Not as seriously as my family does, they seem afraid of the idea of me running out of coffee. My preference is for dark roasts, the sort of dark roasts that come out of the bag and leave a sheen of oil across your finger tips. The sort of dark roasts that have my husband suspecting I’m doing dark matter research in my kitchen. That’s for every day. I do enjoy good medium roasts and even light roasts as well. As far as beer goes, I like lighter colors, ambers, straw, wheat colored beer with just the right amount of bittering. I was born and raised in Alaska, and love it here.

My husband spent his young adult years in Bavaria, Germany. He developed a deep love for the area and a lifelong passion for good beers. After he got out of the military, he went home for awhile, then got hit by wanderlust. He sold most everything he owned and bought a one way ticket to Anchorage, a place he had heard of but never been to before. He landed in Anchorage with 20 dollars in his pocket, and realized he was home. He loves Alaska and never takes the mountains, the ocean and the rest of the raw beauty here for granted. He loves medium and light roast coffees black, and dark roasts with cream and sugar. Beer, he loves good beer. All sorts and pairs beers appropriate snacks and meals like some people will pair wine. He’ll be the first to tell you he’s not an expert, but he knows what he likes.

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